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Hathayogaclass.com is created with our passionate love for yoga. We would like to transform that love to the others and together build up a yoga community in town.
Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. Times for us to balance ourselves, to get peace back in our soul and keep calm before any matter in life. At Yogi, we help you to release your positive energy over the stress, negative power in today busy work and life. Peace out your mind with our yoga asanas and community events.

We have passionate and experienced yoga trainers who will not hesitate to answer any question for you and frequently guest trainers to give more advice about other asana styles. Every week, we have outdoor event or workshop for you to understand better about origins and benefits of yoga as well give advice for yoga practice.

Let’s join us at hathayogaclass.com to find balance for your mind and body in daily life.

What We Teach

What is Isha Hatha Yoga?

The Isha Hatha Yoga method takes a classical and authentic approach to yoga. This means it is based on authenticity with a very pure form of yoga with no innovations as this is in line with how yoga was always taught in ancient times. This gives it the effectiveness and profundity that is slowly disappearing in modern day yoga and an authenticity which is very much lacking.

From our experience this the most powerful way one can experience yoga and benefit from deep and lasting transformations to reach higher levels of ones potential. This goes beyond just process for the body and also mind however, when something has the power to transform ones life, it needs to be handled with great care.

The Classical Approach – Taking Yoga Back to its Authentic Roots

As we mentioned this is a classical approach when using Isha Hatha Yoga. The method of delivery is very different from the mainstream approach of short sessions of weekly classes. With shorter sessions you may find some relaxation in the term but you cannot experience the depths of yoga and have it impact you to the point of changing the way you live and experience life day to day. That’s why first you need to lay the ground-work through a workshop before having a regular practice.

That’s why here we offer workshops as an entry point. This allows you to learn a practice properly and in its entirety. That way you can practice at home and come to a weekly classes so that you go on a journey with yoga where you can start to develop your practice and experience long-lasting impacts that can be life-changing. It allows yoga to be the life-transforming tool it was always meant to be.

How it Works

We have our three main workshops which is at the heart of what we do with other smaller practices which are focused on particular benefits. The three main workshops have have weekly classes you can attend and other workshops have follow-up sessions when possible.

Hatha Workshops

Workshops & Courses

The workshops are at the core of the Isha Hatha Yoga approach. We have a range of workshops depending where you are and what you are looking for. Whether you want something geared more towards physical health or a deeply rooted spiritual practice or you want to sample something with least commitment we can find the something that can get you on your journey.

Post-Workshop Sessions (Including Weekly Sessions)

Once you’ve learnt attended a workshop, there is always a chance to follow-up with sessions to develop and deepen your practice. There are weekly evening sessions for the main practices as well as more advanced sessions for those who want to take their practice further.

About hatha yoga
Asana hatha yoga


These are our in-depth and powerful offering for those who want to fully immerse themselves over a longer period. Here we create a journey into yoga and create a whole experience from creating the right diet and taking you away from the rigours of a daily lives into a completely conducive environment. Getting you back in touch with nature and the elements to re-centre yourself and have the best possible experience from yoga. This is focused on transformations and learnings which can really help take your life in the direction you want.

The Teacher

Isolde Weber

Isolde Weber

Isolde is a trained Hatha Yoga Teacher from IshaYoga Center in Coimbatore, India. She spent seven years at Isha where she worked towards her own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Isha Hatha Yoga provides a holistic understanding of the physical body as well as the more subtle aspects of the human system. In our yoga workshops this is reflected through the precision and care in which the yoga instruction is transmitted, ensuring unity and transformation of body and mind. Paying careful attention to every posture and nuance of the practice is important to me, so that the practitioners feel safe and empowered to practice on their own. Practicing yoga has transformed my life and I am eager to help others benefit from yoga too, and feel lighter, stronger, healthier and more at ease with themselves and the people around them.